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Serbia symposium - part II

It's so hard to believe that I'm back home again. One day I stood at the bus stop swearing at the bus, who had cruelly passed my stop and left me standing in the cold rain. It wasn't until another guy arrived at the stop and waved with his hand to the next bus when I remembered, that I'm not in Belgrade anymore. In Finland buses don't stop by themselves like back in Belgrade...

Jos lukijat ootte sitä mieltä, et mun enkku on liian karmaisevaa luettavaa, niin jättäkää ihmeessä kommenttiboksiin viesti! Tai voitte jättää muutenkin noottia, mitä mieltä ootte tästä uudistuksesta :) Mulla nyt vaan sattuu olemaan väärä kielikasetti päällä, äi ääm veri söri. Sitä paitsi englanti on paljon kivempi kieli kuin suomi, hih  =) 

On a chill saturday morning a cheerful (?) rabble (=lauma, meluava joukko) of veterinary students packed into two busses and the journey to the Center of reproduction and artificial insemination began.

When we arrived, we were welcomed by this: 

Yummy, I say!

These containers contain the sperm, I think. 

And the bulls... They were... I mean, just look at them!!

They were just gigantic! I've never seen such a monster in my life! 

I knew, that bulls are not small, but I had no idea of their real size. I'm really not afraid of any animals exept spiders, but they don't count. but these creatures I'd prefer to stay out of my way... 

We were demonstrated, how the sperm is collected. Cool, I've never seen that before! 

When we had seen and eaten enough, we continued our bus drive to Svilajnac to the local agricultural and veterinary school, in whose dormitory we stayed overnight. 

Some effords to take pictures out of the driving bus.. 

Landscapes somewhere between Belgrade and Svilajnac. 

Svilajnac itself was a pretty little town. 

It was a beautiful, quiet town. 

And here we went for some lectures and the GA, general assembly

Sorry, have to switch to Finnish for just a moment... 

GA on IVSA:n kansainvälinen yleiskokous, joka pidetään kaksi kertaa vuodessa. Koska kukaan ei luonnollisestikaan matkustaisi maailman ääriin jonkun tylsän yleiskokouksen vuoksi, on keksitty ympärille runsaasti kivaa ohjelmaa ja voilà - symposium oli valmis. Kokouksessa puhutaan ajankohtaisista asioista, sääntömuutoksista, uusien jäsenten hyväksymisestä, jne... 

In the GAs we also saw many presentations of past group exchanges, happenings to come and applies of new IVSA chapters. 

You could see the christmas lights everywhere. It was so pretty! :) 

Well, later in the evening we went out for some fun. I think I don't have to tell more about that ;D 

The following morning came all too quick and a serious lack of caffeine didn't do any good for me :) I have to admit my complete addiction to coffee. 

This mornig I noticed for the first time the difference between Finns and the other world. In Finnland it's completely normal just to stand around in silence and not to say a word until one has woken up. This can take several cups of coffee for some individuals! ;) When I was standing around buried in self-pity because of not getting my beloved coffee, I was immediately asked, if everything is okay <3 I love Serbians :) Also in general Finns are more quiet compared to other countries, that is something I paid attention several times during the symposium... 

Dispite my self-pity and a terrible headache it was a beautiful, sunny morning. 

More landscapes out of the bus' window. 
We continued our trip to Jagodina. 

We visited the VSI - Veterinary Specialist Institute, where they implement prophylactic measurements for infectious diseases and monitor the situation of diseases in Serbia.

The lab
After that we went to the wax museum. I've never been to anything like this =) 

A famous Serbian whose name I right now have forgotten.  
A church outside the museum. 

And then: 

The zoo was memorable, if that is the right word... 

I am speechless... 

Don't know what to say... 

I've never seen animals in so small and so empty cages. What I saw was just a far cry from animal wellfare. So sad. 

But the giraffe was really cute though! <3  

And guess what was waiting for us starving travellers in the Zoo restaurant?! 

After lunch we slowly started our turney back towards Belgrade. 

Hah. If you take 80 hilarious veterinary students from around the world and put them together in a bus, this is what you get: 

The Chaos itself.
Well, I think that's a story long enough for today. End of day four. Stay on the channel, the story will be continued ;) 

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  1. Yyh, ei englantia! Tykkään lukea sun blogia, mutta nyt näissä kahdessa viimeisessä postauksessa meni "luku"kokemus pilalle, kun ymmärtää keskimäärin kaksi sanaa lauseesta ja niillä ei pitkälle pötkitä.. :D

  2. Minä taas tykkään ^^ ei haittaa yhtään ja pitää yllä englantia!! :)